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Coupon Codes

Beth's baking blog.


Astro Java Labs
Error Analysis Lab
Calculated Atomic parameters and info
Physical Constants and Astronomical Data
Welcome to NCSA e-Print archive
Astrobiology Magazine :: Your Online eZine on Life in the Universe
Astronomy Workshop
Local Twiki for astro computer information
Chandra analysis software
The HDF Group home -- Support and development for the hdf formats.
UCLA Institue for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Linux Links -- Section with astronomy Software
Astronomy Job Rumors


The Linux Documentation Project
Dynamic Dns
ASCII and html character codes
Easy Calc
Security Focus
Function Pointer Tutorial
Internet Storm Center
Keyring for PalmOS
DSL reports
The Daily WTF
The Programming Language Weblog
The Free Software Foundation
W3C HTML Validation Service
Linksys Info
How to Burn mp3s in Linux
SANE EPSON Backend -- Some info on getting Epson scanners working with recent Linux kernels. -- Good place for replacement batteries for computers and electronics.
Linux CD Burning info
Gentoo Linux
LaTeX math symbols
Named colors in LaTeX
Boost -- C++ libraries
Bitpim -- Cell phone sync software
LaTeX Beamer -- A LaTeX class for doing presentations. Very good.
C++ for you -- A C++ help site
UMD High Performance Computing -- Deepthought Cluster
Howard Forums -- Forums with tons of Cell Phone Info
HTML Working Group
Coding Horror
Mobiledia -- Cell phone reviews and info (although since all cell phones suck, this barely matters).
WHATWG Blog -- A blog related to the W3C HTML Working Group (for HTML 5).
Hacker News -- Lots of miscellaneous stories of interest to developers and such.
Hack Mii -- Intersting technical things about the wii.
DSL Reports speed tests -- Because you really cannot trust you isp (and its good for troubleshooting too).
Dreamhost -- My web (and email) host.
Ultra DNS Services

Graphing and numerical stuff

Maxima A Free lisp based symbolic math package. I find it much nicer to work with than Mathematica and easily as many features.
PDL - The Perl Data Language
Gifsicle: Animated GIFs for UNIX
IDL Programming Tips
OpenDX Home Page
Octave Home Page
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
PLplot Home Page
GNU Scientific Library
IFRIT -- A powerful (but hard to compile) 3D visualization tool
VISIT-- Another powerful, cross-platform, 3D visualization tool. Visit can read more formats than almost anything else, and comes in easy to install packages.
SPLASH -- Yet another astronomy simulation focused viaualization package.
Fortress -- Cause reinventing FORTRAN must be a good idea, right?

Postscript Programming

I'm not really sure why, but I've occasionally wanted to learn a little about Postscript so I could manually (okay, actually with Perl) edit files. These links were helpful in that.

A First Guide to Postscript


Here are some resources for getting OS X into shape as a decent Unix workstation (but it is still no Gentoo).

OS X Hints
High Performance Computing for Mac OS X
MacPorts -- UNIX software for OSX with a BSD like install system.
Fink -- More UNIX software for OSX, but I stopped using this due to problems years ago.
Apple Developer Connection
Kismac -- Wireless stumbler
Aquamacs -- A Mac native version of emacs (I still prefer the standard version, but this is nice).
PySol -- The best free solitaire game for the mac (and Linux, and probably Windows but who knows).
EmuScene -- Emulators for the mac.
Mac Java
DV Warehouse -- Not exactly Mac specific, but close.
Mac Rumors
The Unofficial Apple Weblog


Beth's Page


Jacques Distler
David Brin
Kayhan's Blog
Dynamics of Cats
Boing Boing
Cosmic Variance
Good Math, Bad Math
Robert J. Sawyer
Neil Gaiman
NetPurgatory -- Guess who this is.
David Louis Edelman
Paul Graham
Windows Mobile Team Blog -- Interesting if you have the frustration of using a Windows Mobile device.
Mars Gets Women
Second Sight
Angry Physics -- Another physics blog.
Behemoth blog -- The developers of Castle Crashers, one of the best xbox live games (even if it took them months to fix how broken it was when they released it).

Web Comics

Penny Arcade
PhD Comic Strip
VG Cats
Alien Loves Predator
8 Bit Theater
Least I Could Do
XKCD -- This one is kind of nerdy, even for a web comic.
Russell's Teapot
Mitch Clem's comics -- if he ever updated them.
Garfield Minus Garfield
Boy on a Stick and Slither -- I have no idea why, but I love this comic.


Punk News
The Onion
Lost Brain
ARES Home Page
UMD Graduate school
Weather for College Park,MD
Weather for Queens,New York
WBER Streaming Alternative Radio
The Webtender
Secular Web
James Randi Educational Foundation
The Internet Movie Database
The Beer Advocate
RIAA Radar
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Official Stephen King website
Shelf life of aquarium test kits
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Tivo Community Forum
Deal Database -- Another forum with lots of Tivo discussion, including topics not allowed on the Tivo Community Forum.
Java HMO -- An alternative media server for Tivo. I still haven't got it to work though.
PVR Blog
USPS hold mail -- Form to have post office hold mail.
Murph Guide -- a guide to NYC bars
Digital Blasphemy -- very cool computer art for wallpaper
Airport Traffic Status
Darth Vader blog
GetHuman -- List of how to get to a real operator on many phone sites.
Archee McPhee -- Weird toys, novelties, etc.
Snopes -- Urban Reference Pages
StatCounter -- Web page statistics.
Data Recover Stuff for windows -- I don't use windows so this stuff wouldn't help me, but it has saved my brother's ass.
Lemmings -- entirely in html and javascript, so you can play lemmings in your browser.
NASA watch
Purdue OWL lab -- Lots of really useful writing info.
Warfish -- Online Risk-style board game. One of my favorite things on the net right now.
Slice -- A website about Pizza
Free Annual Credit Report -- Because you really should check it.
Trip Advisor -- Hotel reviews.
io9 -- Science Fiction rumors and info. -- Nice site for buying jewlery.
Song Meanings -- User contributed song lyrics and discussion of their meanings. It is wrong a whole lot of the time, but can still be interesting.
Overhead in NY -- All those years of Catholic school were clearly a waste since on the very rare occasions I need a tie I sometimes refer to this.
We Love DC -- We actually don't love DC but it is still a cool site to find resturaunts and bars and stuff.
Jerry's Seafood
DC Shorts

Coupon Sites

Deal News -- Interesting site with lots of coupons for online stores.
Retail Me Not
Coupon Cabin
Coupon Girl
Frugal Coupon Living
Coupons Lady
Coupon Lawn
Voucher Cloud