Here are various pictures, some are mine, some come from friends. Most of the older ones were taken with Beth's Canon Powershot S400 (which by the way works perfectly under Linux using GPhoto2). We are now using a Sony DSC-W1. It also works great with gphoto2, is 5 megapixel, and hopefully won't break after a year like that Canon.

UPDATE. DO NOT BUY CANON: After just over a year (as in just after the warranty was up) the camera would no long fully open the lens assembly and gave the totally useless "E18" error message. Turns out this is a common problem in Canon's smaller cameras where the mechanism that opens the lens stops working. Canon will fix it, but won't tell you how much it costs until you send them the camera, but the minimum is $150, but it could be as much as $300. Since a new four megapixel camera costs about that much, this is clearly not worth it, and it is time to get a new camera (which will not be a Canon ever again).

All photos are copyright me unless otherwise noted and may not be copied without my permission.

Cichlids: Due to some overenthusiastic breeding at the hospital where my dad works, I took a pair of Jewel Cichlids (red ones to be more specific) back in September. They bred had a lot of babies very quickly, but due to some aggression "issues", the male didn't make it and neither did the babies. I'll probably try to get more cover in the tank and introduce another pair (since sometimes two females to one male works out better anyway). Beth took these pictures (but in my defense, she was using a better camera than the one I normally use to take pictures).

Thesis Defense: I finally defended my Ph.D. thesis on 5/15/08. Beth took some pictures, so here they are.

Germany: Here are pictures from my trip to Garching, Germany for a conference.

Honeymoon: Just a few of the 740 pictures we took on our honeymoon in Italy. I will also put more of these up very soon.

Wedding: These are just a few of our wedding pictures. Obviously, none were taken by me, so they come from a variety of people at the wedding.

Home Brewing: Here are some pictures and info from when we brewed our own beer.

Blizzard 06: We had the wonderful luck to be in Queens for the blizzard. More than two feet of snow and a lot of shoveling. But at least it provided for some nice pictures.

Big Dog with E-Collar: My parents have a 155 or so pound Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) named Romulus. Around Christmas he had to have some eye surgery. He's fine, but a dog that size (and with that much drool) wearing one of those cones the vets use is worth seeing.

New Years 2005: A few pictures from New Year's Eve.

New Orleans: Here are pictures from when I went to New Orleans with Beth in February 2005. These are the first pictures with her new Sony camera.

More Fish: My platies had a lot (probably too many babies). They still aren't too cooperative about pictures, but these didn't come out too bad.

Birds: Beth took home two zebra finches and here are her first attempts at pictures of them.

Fireworks 2004: On July 3rd, Beth took pictures of the fireworks we watched near her parents' home in Stoughton, Mass. The pictures came out much better than I thought one could get with her camera.

Cicadas: Following their seventeen year cycle, the cicadas are back this year. They are a little noisy, but it isn't nearly the swarm of biblical proportions that they make it sound like on the news. On the way in to school on morning, Beth and I took some pictures of them.

New Fish: Unfortunately, the guppies I had only lasted about a week even though my water chemistry was good. But, on 4/22/04 I purchased six red and yellow platies and one more cory catfish. The catfish doesn't really cooperate for pictures, but the platies are a bit more photogenic. And they are all still doing well after a month (although no babies which is a little strange).

Miscellaneous: Here are some unsorted, mostly new pictures. Some of they may find there way into other pages of there own, and others may disappear completely.

Fish: I just got some new fish for one of my fish tanks. Previously I had one lonely cory catfish. Now there are eight guppies in there too. Hopefully I will get some fish for the other tank soon. The pictures aren't great since it is a little hard to take pictures of fish, but next time they should be better.

Dye:, Dye pt. 2: Here are some pictures of when Beth and I recently (January 2004) used some Special Effects hair dye. For some reason, hers washes out much faster than mine. Pt. 2 is from the beginning of April when Beth bleached it a little more and did slightly different colors (pink instead of purple I think).

Christmas 2003: Pictures from Christmas.

Halloween 2003: Here are my Halloween pictures.

YTP Pictures: Here are pictures from the very independent movie I was involved in with some friends. These pictures are copyright Rich Martinez 2001.