Here are links to several movies from my research. The files are quite large, but fairly pretty (the one plus to hydro work is that the end result is usually pretty pictures to go along with the horrible math). These are the only gifs on this site (because sadly, while pngs replace normal gifs, and are superior to normal gifs in a variety of ways, there is no commonly accepted way to replace animated gifs). The ridiculous patent around the gif format has expired in the United States as of June 2003, but it is still active in other countries.

density contour from radio galaxy
simulation thumbnail run1
file 030 density from radio galaxy simulation thumbnail run1 file 030 entropy from radio galaxy simulation thumbnail run1 file 045 velocity vectors from radio galaxy
simulation thumbnail run1 file 070
Density Contours Density Entropy Velocity Vectors

Here is some stuff relating to the very independent movies I have been involved with. Just because basically no one has seen them, doesn't mean I can't talk about them.

Together with Rich Martinez and Stephen Lynch, I worked on three movies. We even finished one of them.

YTP -- Our one actual finished work.

DnA -- Sadly, this one never got finished. I think it was by far our best script. Angels, devils, drunken terrorists, what more does a script need?

Untitled -- It is entirely possible that Rich had a name for this one, but I never actually knew it. This is also the only one of the three that was written entirely by Rich. It was sort of a Ghostbusters tribute. It was also our first taste of guerilla film-making. It is lots of fun to film on the streets of NYC with no permit, rushing to avoid any trouble.