New stuff Archive 2004:

12/08/04 Minor updates to DVD burning directions.
12/05/04 Added some new links, including one on the Zaurus page.
11/22/04 Fixed some mark so I can now have paged served as xhtml instead of html for web browsers that work (as in anything other than Internet Explorer or Netscape 4). Unfortunately, this still incorrectly serves it as html to html validators.
11/08/04 Added a page about the Sharp Zaurus.
09/28/04 Added some more cvs info.
09/20/04 Added some notes on intro Unix (plotting and scripting).
9/09/04 Organized links a little.
8/17/04 Updated CVS directions and added ssh-key directions. Also added another link to a web comic.
8/03/04 Added new fish pics.
8/02/04 New pdf creation directions.
7/30/04 Added new version of thumbnail script modified by Kayhan.
7/21/04 Added some new links and fixed downloads a bit.
7/12/04 Added July 4th fireworks pictures and pictuers of Beth's birds.
7/01/04 Added links about the Dark Tower.
6/24/04 Fixed a bunch of stupid typos.
5/26/04 Added DVD-R directions for Linux.
5/21/04 Added fish and cicada pictures.
5/09/04 Added page for misc. pictures.
4/18/04 Added some new links.
3/05/04 Added pictures of my new fish (and of hair dye, but the fish are cooler).
3/02/04 Added a separate page for all photos.
2/19/04 Added new link to online astronomy learning tools.
2/18/04 Added perl script that I use to make navigation bar.
1/30/04 Added some new software notes.
1/28/04 Removed link to "Free the Mouse" campaign (which sadly didn't win).
1/26/04 Added links to classes for this semester.
1/20/04 Added directions to make good pdf from a latex file.
1/11/04 Added new links.

Previous Year's Updates: