New stuff Archive 2005:

12/12/05 Added a note about making icons for website.
12/08/05 New version of thumbnail script up.
11/18/05 Added publication section to research page.
11/09/05 New ZEUS-MP release and some new links.
10/29/05 Added a few new links.
08/31/05 Added place holder page for A695 for this semester.
08/16/05 Did a little color coding of software notes to aid reading.
07/23/05 New version of thumbnail script available.
07/18/05 New release of ZEUS-MP.
06/25/05 Even more links.
05/31/05 More links.
04/22/05 ZEUSMP page/release added. Also, minor updates to research page and some new links.
03/15/05 Added work around for stupid IE css rendering bug.
03/14/05 Some minor CSS changes and some new links.
03/01/05 Added pictures from New Orleans.
02/01/05 Added note about Canon's poorly made digital cameras.
01/31/05 Added new links.
01/26/05 Added link to schedule for weekly theory lunchtime talk.
01/19/05 Finally added link to my CV on research page.
01/13/05 Cleaned up list of updates.

Previous Year's Updates: