New stuff Archive 2006:

12/01/06 New links and a note about focus following the mouse on OS X.
11/30/06 Updated version of ZEUS-MP
10/09/06 Lots of new links.
09/20/06 Some preliminary Poster info.
09/15/06 New wedding pictures.
08/31/06 New thumbnail script.
08/30/06 Makefile for LaTeX documents added.
08/29/06 Stuff for this years A696 UNIX class and some new links.
08/17/06 Some pictures from Germany.
08/13/06 New Honeymoon Picutres, OS X hint, and poster put up.
07/07/06 Put up the first of the wedding and honeymoon pictures.
05/30/06 Made some update to OS X Unix page.
05/29/06 Added picutures and info from our beer brewing.
05/26/06 Updated version of ZEUS-MP
05/14/06 Added a hint for OS X .DS_Store problem.
05/04/06 Minor misc. updates in various places.
05/03/06 Updated version of ZEUS-MP
04/04/06 Updated version of thumbnail script.
03/30/06 Added a page on setting up OS X for UNIX use.
03/27/06 Added pdfs of poster and talks.
02/13/06 Blizzard pics.
01/27/06 A few more links. More to come soon.
01/19/06 Finally added some new pictures.

Previous Year's Updates: