New stuff Archive 2007:

12/1/2007 Another talk added.
12/03/2007 New talks added.
11/05/2007 Update to LaTeX Makefile and some links.
10/05/2007 Talk for Observatory Open House added.
09/18/2007 Notes for Astro 695.
08/29/2007 New publication and some new links on visualization.
08/25/2007 New Misc. Stuff page and some new links.
08/22/2007 Put up my LaTeX business card macro.
08/16/2007 Really minor change to formatting of Downloads page and Research Page.
08/07/2007 Added images of posters to go along with the full resolution pdf files.
07/11/2007 Added new talk to Research Page.
06/11/2007 Just some minor changes and links.
05/15/2007 Finally put up files for making large format posters in LaTeX.
05/13/07 New Gmail backup script.
05/08/07 Small update about Python on OS X.
05/03/07 Fixed number of posts retrieved (I thought it could get more than it does) in Blogger backup script.
05/02/07 Minor update to LaTeX Makefile.
05/01/07 New Blogger backup script.
04/30/07 New release of ZEUS-MP.
03/07/07 Put Home Brewing somewhere that makes a bit more sense the in pictures.
02/10/07 Even more links.
01/25/07 Some new links.
01/19/07 New release of ZEUS-MP.
01/17/07 Removed or fixed some broken Links.
01/12/07 New talk added to Research Page.

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