New stuff:

12/19/2008 Update the links a little.
09/21/2008 Probably should call the satellite Fermi, not GLAST.
06/15/2008 Slight update to front page.
05/29/2008 Finally remembered to change passwordless ssh directions to show dsa keys instead of rsa ones.
05/25/2008 My modifications to UMD thesis LaTeX files up on downloads page.
05/20/2008 Final copy of my dissertation is up in a temporary place.
05/19/2008 Slides from my defense (and last unjournal club) are now up with my talks.
05/17/2008 Photos from my defense.
05/12/2008 I put up a copy of my dissertation (pre-defense and pre-revisions) on my main page for now.
03/20/2008 A new link.
01/18/2008 Some new links.
01/16/2008 A new OS X hint added.

Previous Year's Updates: